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PowerShell Script – Create New Web Application with Claims-Based Authentication

Introduction The following script will create a new web application and use claims-based authentication. It’s really good and fast

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PowerShell Script – Create SharePoint Search Service Application

Introduction When Search service application is created from Central Admin, all created Search databases have GUIDs at the end. Many like to create Database with the name rather than creating with GUID. If we create the Search service with PowerShell, we can specify the database names SharePoint should use. The following script will do that

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PowerShell script – Create Managed Accounts and Service Application Pools

Introduction When you’re configuring your farm, one of the first things you need to do is create the managed accounts and service app application pools your farm will use. The following PowerShell lines will do that:

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Debugging in SharePoint Online – Part1

Introduction Many of the general debugging techniques we use will not work in an online development environment. For example, you cannot enable the Developer Dashboard in the online environment. Also, Sandbox Solutions cannot write to the file system or over the network. For SharePoint online debugging purposes, one better way is to write debugging information […]

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