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SEO – Restrict page or link not to crawl by Search Engine

Introduction There are other ways to instruct search engine crawlers how to behave when indexing and following links besides using a robots.txt file.

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Asp.Net fully functional Tree View control free download

Introduction Fully functional treeview control for ASP.Net with free download Features drag and drop dynamic loading context menu tri-state checkbox selection xml import/export themes add/editing/deleting nodes with ajax right to left display support

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Entity Framework – Raw Sql Queries and Stored Procedure execution

Introduction SQL Code snippet how to run raw SQL query and Stored Procedure in Entity Framework

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ILSpy – opensource NET assembly browser and decompiler

If you are looking for a good free .NET assembly decompiler, I suggest ILSpy is the better option. Earlier I used Red Gate’s reflector but it is no more free. ILSpy is quality free opensource reflector/decompiler which perfectly suits to decomplie .NET assemblies. Skill Level – Medium, Advanced

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Tip – Disable mobile master page in

Tip – Disable mobile master page in In most of the web applications currently, they are designed with responsive css in mind. So, one master page is enough. switches to mobile master page ( automatically when viewed in mobile. How to disable that?

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