Capital Letter Validation in SharePoint

Capital Letter Validation in SharePoint
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Hope my series of SharePoint validation articles helps everyone to resolve their issues right from basics to advanced.
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In this post we will cover the below scenario. This scenario is one of the basics to understand more complex validations further

Scenario – First letter of the user input should be capital letter

I am using the following List Column and type in the example
FirstName – Single line of text

Formula and validation message setting

This is column level validation as formula involves with itself not with another column. So, validation rule should be provided at
List Settings > select column FirstName under columns > Add formula under Column Validation
(FirstName is the column we are implementing according to our scenario)

Validation Message


MID(FirstName,1,1) – this gets the first letter from the user input. In our case, according to the above input (adiseshu), it gets ‘a’.
UPPER(MID(FirstName,1,1)) – converts ‘a’ to ‘A’
CODE(UPPER(MID(FirstName,1,1))) – get the ASCII of ‘A’

This ASCII code should be equal to the value given by the user. If they are not equal, it is an invalid input.
You can refer list of ASCII codes here


We will further cover some good scenario’s and hope you will enjoy implementing them wherever required. If you are looking for any specific scenario formula, please post a comment and I will try to provide the formula or I will certainly help you to get it resolved :)

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  1. Richard Grantz - May 17, 2014

    Could you advise the column validation formula for an email address that must end with .mil?
    Any assistance that you can provide will be greatly appreciated

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