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Office 365 – SharePoint Online: Creating basic SharePoint Hosted App

Introduction Apps for SharePoint are self-contained pieces of functionality that you write to extend the capabilities of SharePoint websites to solve well-defined business problems. An app for SharePoint You can say it’s just a replacement of Sandbox solution in earlier version. An App for SharePoint can have SharePoint component or remote component. One of the […]

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SharePoint Office 365 App Environment Setup

In this article we will go through the roadmap of creating office 365 App Environment setup. What it covers Prerequisites Setting up development environment Creating developer site collection Enable App “SideLoading” in Your Existing Site Collection for Developer feature Setup Visual Studio Template Prerequisites · Developer Machine with Windows 7 or above OS with minimum […]

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Troubleshooting App Configuration in SharePoint 2013

Introduction Anybody who has spent any time troubleshooting SharePoint Server issues, particularly in organizations that are so segmented that the DNS, AD, Network and Database folks won’t work with the SharePoint folks, knows that you have to learn a few tricks to determine if the problems are actually SharePoint problems or the result of DNS, […]

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