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Troubleshooting App Configuration in SharePoint 2013

Introduction Anybody who has spent any time troubleshooting SharePoint Server issues, particularly in organizations that are so segmented that the DNS, AD, Network and Database folks won’t work with the SharePoint folks, knows that you have to learn a few tricks to determine if the problems are actually SharePoint problems or the result of DNS, […]

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SharePoint Admin Tool – SPDocKit (premier tool)

Introduction SharePoint Admin tool is one of very good tool in the market right now which I feel like a great utility to have. It provides very good features which are very important for managing the current SharePoint farm. Use SPDocKit to generate SharePoint documentation, manage permissions, compare farms and track changes, enforce your governance […]

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Get SharePoint 2013 Dev/Test or POC environments

Introduction Are you in need of a SharePoint Server 2013 dev/test or proof-of-concept environment? Check out these four options: Basic configuration for an Internet-facing farm (3 servers) High-availability configuration for an Internet-facing farm (9 servers) SharePoint 3-tier configuration emulating an intranet farm (5 servers) SharePoint intranet farm in a hybrid cloud (6 servers) Basic configuration […]

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Dynamic Multi Level Menu Recursion in C#

Introduction This is code snippet how to develop multi level menu with UL and LI structure. Thought to write simple one as it will help many web application developers to develop multi level menu(n level) very easily Output All you need to do it is just grab the free css and apply, code is here […]

May 17, 2015 · Adi · 2 Comments
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Basics – Test DB connection with UDL

Introduction Recently my SharePoint application is giving error ‘cannot connect to configuration database’. When nothing wrong with the services, do the first basic test. Check if the server is able to connect to DB. If it is succeded then it might be service issue or debug further through ULS logs. Here is the very basics […]

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IIS – Get password of application pool identity

Introduction If we want to view password of application pool identity user, use the below command. Just give the application pool name and it will show you the password of the identity user Email this page

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Powershell – Update All Application Pool Identity User Password

Introduction If Application Pools identity credentails should be changed due to any inbuilt policy, then we have to go to all application pools to change new password. This is a bit tedious if many application pools are there. If application pools are run by managed accounts, SharePoint will handle password change by itself. In reality […]

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SharePoint 2013 Site Policy

Introduction PlexHosted which is vendor in providing SharePoint hosting with various plans has a quick overview on SharePoint Site Policy. Here are the details SharePoint 2013 site policies includes retention policies for sites and site mailboxes. Site Policy controls the lifecycle of the site, when it will be closed and when deleted. For example, when […]

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Compare Microsoft Office 365 Plans

Introduction Here is a quick view of various Microsoft Office 365 plans for business. There is also web version but this interface gives a quick understanding what is Office 365 and what are the various plans. What is Microsoft Office 365 and Key Differentiators Email this page

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SharePoint Timer service not starting up

Introduction This is not so simple one as it looks unless it is properly intervened. If it happens in Production farm there is much to observe and it is not just restart a service. Various errors which are targeted in this article SharePoint Timer service could not start SharePoint Timer job is not running SharePoint […]

March 30, 2015 · Adi · One Comment
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