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Best way of Listview custom paging with Datapager and objectdatasource

Introduction Listview with paging is very frequent usage for webapplication. In this post we will see how we can achieve best performance paging with listview. I ended up explaining to some of the senior developers what is meant by paging and why we implement. This basic and very important thing should always be remembered. […]

October 18, 2015 · Adi · No Comments
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Easily Download any Feed (RSS or Atom) Data in C#

Introduction Simple and very useful code snippet to download rss feed data to xml file. It works for both RSS and ATOM feeds. It is very useful snippet without putting much lines of code. No need to compare feed types also while downloading What are covered in this snippet Download feed data irrespective of type […]

October 5, 2015 · Adi · No Comments
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Powershell – SharePoint document library files report filtered by created date

Introduction Give the date range and this powershell script will generate csv report with total number of files created in all the document libraries. Script will get all the document libraries of sites and its subsites. This can be used as reporting tool to get overview of the total number of documents that were created […]

October 4, 2015 · Adi · No Comments
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SharePoint Admin Tool – SPDocKit (premier tool)

Introduction SharePoint Admin tool is one of very good tool in the market right now which I feel like a great utility to have. It provides very good features which are very important for managing the current SharePoint farm. Use SPDocKit to generate SharePoint documentation, manage permissions, compare farms and track changes, enforce your governance […]

June 29, 2015 · Adi · No Comments
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Parsing Json string in .Net C#

Introduction JSON.NET very good and open source tool with many features for parsing JSON String in .NET C#. This adds lot of comfort and must have utility for any .NET programmer. Json.NET is a popular high-performance JSON framework for .NET Skill Level – Medium Email this page

April 14, 2015 · Adi · No Comments
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Asp.Net fully functional Tree View control free download

Introduction Fully functional treeview control for ASP.Net with free download Features drag and drop dynamic loading context menu tri-state checkbox selection xml import/export themes add/editing/deleting nodes with ajax right to left display support Email this page

November 26, 2014 · Adi · No Comments
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ILSpy – opensource NET assembly browser and decompiler

If you are looking for a good free .NET assembly decompiler, I suggest ILSpy is the better option. Earlier I used Red Gate’s reflector but it is no more free. ILSpy is quality free opensource reflector/decompiler which perfectly suits to decomplie .NET assemblies. Skill Level – Medium, Advanced Email this page

November 13, 2014 · Adi · No Comments
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Multiple Files Upload Control in SharePoint

Introduction Looking for multiple file upload control in SharePoint 2010 or in SharePoint 2013. This article will provide you code snippet, webpart to download and full source code project Skill Level – Medium Email this page

October 9, 2014 · Adi · 4 Comments
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Performance Tool – Debug Diagnostic tool

Introduction How do you diagnose issues like application hanging, slow performance, memory leaks? Debug Diagnostic tool will certainly help to diagnose issues. I observed very less number of people know about this tool. Hope this article will help to bookmark one of the best tool for performance we had from MSDN. Email this page

April 26, 2014 · Adi · One Comment
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Data Tier Generator

Introduction I am really fan of any automation that will reduce development time. Sometimes simple things might take time though not complex. One good tool I came across is Data Tier Generator in CodePlex. Email this page

February 21, 2014 · Adi · No Comments
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