Data Tier Generator

Data Tier Generator
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I am really fan of any automation that will reduce development time. Sometimes simple things might take time though not complex. One good tool I came across is Data Tier Generator in CodePlex.

Data Tier Generator

Code can be downloaded from these links

Direct download – Data Tier Generator

CodePlex download – Data Tier Generator


You need to give your Database credentials.

For SQL end, it will generate all CRUD stored procedures for each database table

For C# end, it will generate entities, DAO layer to call all the stored procedures.

You need to click on “Generate” to create all files



Select the location to save the generated files and click OK



There will be two folders that gets created, “CS” and “SQL”. Under “SQL” folder you will see the stored procedures. In my example, I have only one table “EM_Category” in my database.



Under “CS” folder, entity for Category table will be created



Under the sub folder “Repositories”, you can see the DAL layer file






I am not big fan of Entity framework but rather interested in vanilla application sometimes. Personally appreciate the author “Adrian Anttila” for his good work.

His profile can be viewed on

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