Get Sql Server 2012 Port and connection details

Get Sql Server 2012 Port and connection details
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This article covers how to get the port Sql Server is connected to and its connection details

 USE master GO XP_READERRORLOG 0, 1, N'Server is listening' GO 


So, 1035 is the port the sql server 2012 is listening to

The same thing can be viewed from Network configuration

Go To

Sql Server Configuration Manger> “SQL Server Network Configuration”-> Protocol for “SQLServerInstance”-> right click “TCP/IP” > properties


(sql server instance name will vary)


Its a good practice to give different port. The default port is 1433.

We can also check in eventlogs

Run > eventvwr

Under Application> Filter current log with the word ‘Server is listening on’

It will then show the events with port number


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