Common codes and technical information related to powershell 2.0 in Share Point 2010.

Powershell basics part 1
Learn how to use variables, arrays and hashtables

Powershell basics part 2
Learn how to use arthimatic operators, assignment operators and comparision operators

Powershell basics part 3
Learn how to use logical operators and redirection operators

Conditional and looping statements
Learn how to use ow to use the conditional statements(if, elseif, else, switch) and looping statements(for, while, do/while, foreach, foreach-object, where-object)

Create Custom List
Code sample how to create SharePoint custom list.

Add various types of fields to List – Part1
Code samples how to create various types of fields (‘Single line of text’, ‘Multiple lines of text’, ‘Choice’, ‘Number’, ‘Date and Time’) in SharePoint 2010.

Add various types of fields to List – Part2
Code samples how to create various types of fields (‘lookup column’, ‘checkbox field’, ‘person or group field’ and ‘hyperlink’ field) in SharePoint 2010.

Adding items to various fields
Code sample how to add items to various type of fields

Update/Delte/Copy items of list
Generic code samples how to update, delete, copy items of list

Copy or replace items of list
Generic code samples to copy or replace items from source list to destination list

Modify web.config file
Generic code sample how to add/delete a node in web.config and also how to disable default behavior for mobiles

Logging information
Best practice to log information or errors into a log file while working with powershell script

Config file for the script file
Best practice to have a config file for the script and read values from it

Deploying wsp
Generic code to deploy wsp in any environment

Adding Web Part to page
Generic function which will upload Web Part from local drive to any SharePoint page

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