SharePoint 2010

Following are the topics categorized to give birds eye view of В all the posts in my site and this page acts like a quick index rather than routine category dashboard.

Branding and Design

Posts that gives useful information of various ways to customize SharePoint sites, modify master page look and feel, various styles…

Delegate Control
Without touching master page, customize the master page controls in a more generic way. Once delegate control is overridden, activate the feature to get the custom design, deactivate the feature to get the default design. The custom design can be set at site level scope also.

Managed Client Object Models

Posts that give information on how to use client object model in SharePoint 2010
List Operations
Basic scenarios to understand the model like Creating SharePoint list, updating and deleting items

JavaScript Object Models

Posts that give information on how to use javascript object model in SharePoint 2010
Accessing site and list data
How to access site and get list data

Implementation and Conceptual

SharePoint data technologies overview

Using REST Interface

Update vs SystemUpdate

TEMPLATE directory overview

List validations and Field validations

List cascade and restrict delete relationship

LINQ, REST, ECMAScript data technology overview

Debugging and testing tools

List throtelling

List throtelling

Web Part verbs

Security context (SPContext, RunWithElevatedPrivileges, AllUnsafeUpdates)

Web Part Icons for better UI

Create custom timer job for specific site

Upload/Export excel data into SharePoint Custom List

Preview image befor actual upload

Convert word document to pdffile

Add, Update and Delete item in a list using ECMAScript

Error Fix – Empty pages when new site collection is created

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