SharePoint 2013 Site Policy

SharePoint 2013 Site Policy
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PlexHosted which is vendor in providing SharePoint hosting with various plans has a quick overview on SharePoint Site Policy. Here are the details

SharePoint 2013 site policies includes retention policies for sites and site mailboxes. Site Policy controls the lifecycle of the site, when it will be closed and when deleted. For example, when site policy is set to delete the site based on its closed date, closing that site starts the countdown to its deletion.

Options available for the new site policy

There are four options available for the new site policy:

  • Do not close or delete site automatically – site owner should delete site automatically
  • Delete sites automatically – site will be deleted automatically, but site owner should close it manually
  • Close and delete sites automatically – automates site closure and site deletion process. You will be able to setup the events that will activate site closure and deletion.
  • Run a workflow automatically to manage site closure, then delete them automatically – adds custom logic to the closure and deletion process

Activating Site Policy

  1. Login to your SharePoint site. Click Settings, click Site Settings

    Site Policy 1.png
  2. Click Site collection features

    Site Policy 2.png
  3. Select Site Policy feature, click Activate

    Site Policy 3.png
  4. Return to the Site Collection Administration, click Site Policies

    Site Policy 4.png
  5. Click Create

    Site Policy 5.png
  6. Type Policy Name and description. Select Close and delete sites automatically, select the time frame for Close Event

    Site Policy 6.png
  7. Click Ok

    Site Policy 7.png
  8. Go to Site Administration, click Site Closure and Deletion

    Site Policy 8.png
  9. Select the Site Policy (i.e. Sample Policy). Click Ok

    Site Policy 9.png
  10. Now you can see all information about the policy that is applied to a site

    Site Policy 10.png


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