SharePoint Online Overview

SharePoint Online Overview
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In this post we will have an overview on SharePoint Online.
SharePoint Online is part of Office 365 features. Office 365 is the only web based service fully compatible with Microsoft Office. It has same feature set as a traditional on-premise solution.

Office 365 main services include

  • Linc Online (successor of office communication server for instant messaging)
  • SharePoint Online
  • Exchange Online

So, when we create account with office 365 we will have many features and SharePoint Online is one among them.

SharePoint Online

It’s a common thing that we get query in our mind that the SharePoint site we have worked/developed is online one. So, what is this SharePoint Online.
What SharePoint Online means, Microsoft is selling their SharePoint platform as a service and the actual servers and software are running in their data centers.
Microsoft itself will take care of managing and maintenance by their own. We don’t even install it on our servers.

If we are a customer of Microsoft SharePoint Online, we can connect to our SharePoint site over Internet and use it to develop/deploy business solutions.
In SharePoint terms, we can say that Microsoft will take care of our Administrative stuff of our SharePoint site.
With this; no need to buy any server licenses or office licenses or deploy admin team for handling errors and maintenance stuff.
Thus,SharePoint Online makes the power of cloud work for the business. Microsoft is offering SharePoint Online to cater to everyone from small business to large scale organizations.


There are a many benefits of using SharePoint Online instead of building and managing the platform our self.
In particular Microsoft takes care of the data center and hardware, the stack of software that makes up the SharePoint platform, backup, redundancy, and security that are expected in order to ensure integrity for the environment.

We might only need to take care of how to develop business functionality. Microsoft has guaranteed all other data server maintenance, software platforms, backup,redundancy,security, server up-time etc.
In the end, we are free to focus on our business and solving business problems using the SharePoint platform without having to worry what it takes to build the platform.


Of-course, there are some downsides when we have so many advantages. Not all features of SharePoint are available in SharePoint Online. So, we have to carefully consider our features and how they will be developed with SharePoint online.

We can’t go directly with SharePoint development without prior understanding of SharePoint Online supported features.
Also, we can’t stay on the old version if the new version is released.
For example if we are using SharePoint 2007 Online and a new version SharePoint 2010 Online is released.
We can’t stay on SharePoint 2007 as the upgrades will happen automatically. Don’t worry on the UI, it will not be changed and will be the same. But, the under hood technology is SharePoint 2010.


Hope we got some overview of what SharePoint Online is. In further posts we will check how we can develop applications for SharePoint Online.


SharePoint Online Microsoft link
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