SharePoint Timer service not starting up

SharePoint Timer service not starting up
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This is not so simple one as it looks unless it is properly intervened. If it happens in Production farm there is much to observe and it is not just restart a service. Various errors which are targeted in this article

  1. SharePoint Timer service could not start
  2. SharePoint Timer job is not running
  3. SharePoint Timer job is giving error incorrect login
  4. SharePoint Timer Service stops everyday
  5. SharePoint Timer job when started giving prompt, user is given log on service rights
  6. Windows Services failing, logon failure after reboot

Follow these various resolution steps to resolve the error for ever

Windows SharePoint Services Timer V4 (SPTimerV4) service is restarted when the farm service account changes, and it is restarted daily during the timer service recycle job.

If you are facing any issues with timer job first option to do

Option 1

  • Go to Run ‘services.msc’
  • Check the service ‘SharePoint 2010 Timer’

This service should always be starting. If stopped start the service. If already started, try restarting the service.

If the service restart fails with error ‘Error 1069: The service did not start due to a logon failure’ It means that log on user with which service is starting has invalid credentials. Now go to next option

Option 2

  • Right click the service,go to properties.
  • Select Log on tab and provide proper password
  • Click OK and start the service
  • Check if the service is started or not


If this resolves, do not stop here do the below step also.

  • Go to central admin
  • Under Security > General Security > Click Configure managed accounts
  • Click on Edit icon for the account you wish to update the password
  • In the edit screen, select the checkbox ‘change password now’
  • Select radio button ‘Use existing password’ and give the updated password
  • Click ‘Ok’

This will ensure that updated password will be pushed to all the services through out the farm.


After giving password if there is any prompt comes that Account(ex here user adidev\sp_farm) was given logon as service rights, wait! Go to Option 3 (This is very important)

Option 3

  • Go to Run ‘secpol.msc’
  • Under Local Policies> User Rights Assignment double click ‘Log on as a service’
  • Check if the account (ex here user adidev\sp_farm) is there under Local Security Setting

If the account is not there here, add the account


In reality(in PROD environment) if you add user here it might not stay long. Global security policies will be pushed frequently(some times 2 or 3 times daily) to the entire network. Then the user added under Log on as a service will be removed if the global policy is not updated.

Timer service will be restarted every day automatically and while restarting again the service issue comes. We might need to change the password again and the whole cycle starts.

For testing if your account is affected by global policies, after adding the account under ‘Log on as a service’ go to command prompt and execute command ‘gpupdate’ This updates all your local policies which were mentioned in global policies.

After this, if the user account is removed from the policy, then you have to contact network admin Let network admin know about this and ask him to update the global policies of Domain Controller. Its a practice I follow is to keep the service accounts under Administrator group. Administrator group will be pushed to the policy.

The basic rule, the service log on user should have permission to ‘log on as a service’. If the permission is not there, it gave you prompt that it is giving permission first before updating credentials. By any means if the permission is removed you will encounter log on failure issue after the service restart. Sometimes the root cause which is the policy updating is ignored and we waste lot of time.


Out of my experience the above options resolved timer service issue successfully in most of the enterprise farms. Next time if you encounter any issue on SharePoint timer service, hope this information will help you.

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