Tip – SharePoint Tracing

Tip – SharePoint Tracing During the development it is very common for us to check what is the exception in the log file. But, by the time we open the file the log data will overwhelmed with many messages. Especially the trick I follow in Dev environment is, when I get exception I will immediately […]

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Sharepoint Tip – PowerShell Design Surface

If you are looking for syntax or initial help for Power Shell, don’t forget to visit this link http://www.microsoft.com/resources/TechNet/en-us/Office/media/WindowsPowerShell/WindowsPowerShellCommandBuilder.html It gives the nouns and verbs and design surface where we can drag drop to get what is the syntax and also some useful links related to the topic. It is same help we get with […]

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SharePoint 2010 Tips – 1

Tip – Hiding Quick Launch To hide quick launch (left navigation) of SharePoint site, simple css is sufficient

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