SharePoint Office 365 App Environment Setup

In this article we will go through the roadmap of creating office 365 App Environment setup. What it covers Prerequisites Setting up development environment Creating developer site collection Enable App “SideLoading” in Your Existing Site Collection for Developer feature Setup Visual Studio Template Prerequisites · Developer Machine with Windows 7 or above OS with minimum […]

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Get SharePoint 2013 Dev/Test or POC environments

Introduction Are you in need of a SharePoint Server 2013 dev/test or proof-of-concept environment? Check out these four options: Basic configuration for an Internet-facing farm (3 servers) High-availability configuration for an Internet-facing farm (9 servers) SharePoint 3-tier configuration emulating an intranet farm (5 servers) SharePoint intranet farm in a hybrid cloud (6 servers) Basic configuration […]

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SharePoint 2013 Site Policy

Introduction PlexHosted which is vendor in providing SharePoint hosting with various plans has a quick overview on SharePoint Site Policy. Here are the details SharePoint 2013 site policies includes retention policies for sites and site mailboxes. Site Policy controls the lifecycle of the site, when it will be closed and when deleted. For example, when […]

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All in one Best Practices in SharePoint Server 2010

Introduction This article summarize current knowledge and research from Microsoft Consulting Services and the SharePoint Server 2010 product team into a must-read quick reference for key design decisions and operational practices. Each article briefly describes the best practices for a particular environment or product area and provides links for additional reading. This is must read […]

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Guidance for Packaging and Deploying SharePoint Solutions

Microsoft is cleaning house. Now that it has to maintain SharePoint for thousands of enterprises and millions of users in Office 365, Microsoft is working to clean up all the odd and messy bits of its flagship collaboration product. In a recent training course on Microsoft Virtual Academy, Microsoft urged developers to change the way […]

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Add blank value to choice field in SharePoint

Introduction While creating item in a list with choice column, we can see empty value to set. But once the value is given in the choice column and later when we try to set empty value again we cannot set. Check this article with complete steps and screenshots if you are looking for how to […]

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Do we need to load balance Application Server in SharePoint 2010 / 2013?

Introduction We generally do load balancing for Web Front End servers and cluster the data base servers. Do we need to load balance Application Server in SharePoint 2010 / 2013? Skill Level – Advanced

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PowerShell Script – Create SharePoint Search Service Application

Introduction When Search service application is created from Central Admin, all created Search databases have GUIDs at the end. Many like to create Database with the name rather than creating with GUID. If we create the Search service with PowerShell, we can specify the database names SharePoint should use. The following script will do that

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PowerShell script – Create Managed Accounts and Service Application Pools

Introduction When you’re configuring your farm, one of the first things you need to do is create the managed accounts and service app application pools your farm will use. The following PowerShell lines will do that:

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Debugging in SharePoint Online – Part1

Introduction Many of the general debugging techniques we use will not work in an online development environment. For example, you cannot enable the Developer Dashboard in the online environment. Also, Sandbox Solutions cannot write to the file system or over the network. For SharePoint online debugging purposes, one better way is to write debugging information […]

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